Toilet Repair – Do It Yourself Or Hire a Plumber

If your toilet is not functioning properly, you may need to pay a plumber to repair it. Plumbing professionals can fix any plumbing issue in a toilet. For example, a leaky toilet may require replacement of the wax seal. The wax seal connects the toilet base to the drain opening in the floor. If it is damaged, the toilet will wobble and may leak water. A plumber or handyman can examine the seal to see if it needs to be repaired. If it is only a small area of damage, a repair plate may be sufficient. However, if the damage is extensive, you may need to replace the whole wax seal.

Most toilets require minimal maintenance, but parts wear out over time. Regular cleaning of toilet parts will keep them in good shape. Avoid using bleach-based drop-in tablets, as these will wear down the toilet parts. Additionally, you should always check the toilet for leaks and moisture. Also, use the toilet only for normal waste like paper and water.

While many toilet repairs can be performed on your own, some require specialized tools and time. Plumbing supplies can be purchased at a local home improvement store. A cordless drill, hacksaw, hammer drill, and locking pliers are common tools. If you can’t repair a clog yourself, you can hire a plumber. However, it is important to remember that professional plumbers may require additional materials to complete the job.

Another easy toilet repair involves replacing the toilet flapper. This valve is located at the base of the toilet and normally seals tight. When it is loose, it can cause water to leak from the tank. To replace this, you will need to remove the toilet bowl and replace the wax ring seal. Otherwise, you may need to replace the toilet tank.

Toilet repairs can be difficult to handle yourself, and it’s best to call a professional plumber for assistance. These professionals can locate the problem and repair it quickly. It is important to understand that clogged toilets can be dangerous to your health and safety. A plumber can inspect your pipes to make sure they’re free of debris.

A toilet repair can also be a costly project. In some cases, you may need to replace the toilet seat because the floor where your toilet was installed has to be repaired. This may require repairs to the subfloor or joists. In these cases, a carpenter can rebuild the area. The toilet bolts should also be checked to ensure that they’re secure.

Another common toilet repair involves replacing the lift wire. A damaged lift wire or a bent lift wire can cause the float ball to fall straight into the opening. In some cases, the float ball may be rubbing against the side of the toilet. To fix this problem, bend the lift wire back into position or replace it. For more details visit