In summers, you are a little more active than usual and this means your iPhone is at a higher risk of being damaged. You can take your iPhone to any Apple Care center to fix the issues at a higher cost. If you are not keen on buying another iPhone or spending large sums on repairing your iPhone in Staten Island, and would like to get your iPhone fixed then iphone fix singapore store can help you fix it.
Water Damage The water may get spilled on the iPhone or it may take an unintended swim along with you in the pool or lake. Be assured that your iPhone can be saved in time. You may want to towel dry your iPhone before you do anything; do not try to switch the iPhone on as it will damage the phone further. Cracked screen A cracked glass will need your iPhone to be replaced or just the glass. Use a clear masking tape to temporarily fix your iPhone. It will work for the meantime till you take it to iPhone repair Staten Island store. Dings/ Scratches Unwanted scratches or dings can find their way easily on your iPhone. A Brillo pad or anything that is abrasive works well on the metal parts. Wrap the rest of the area surrounding the scratch with a clear masking tape. Use the pad to buff out or polish the scratches. There is no Audio This is a very common issue and it is usually the headphone jack that is affected. It is due to the dirt and grime that accumulates over time. Clearing the debris out of the jack usually using a Q-tip helps in fixing the audio issue. Do not panic if you find any of the issues mentioned, simply follow the instructions and get the iPhone repaired.