Identifying different types of transactions at a call center for Call Quality Assurance is a critical part of the quality assurance implementation process. There are basically four methods in which QA specialists can select transactions for the purposes of reviewing them. The first method is through setting up various schedules for capturing transactions at specific intervals. The second method is to capture different transactions randomly. The third is through using business policies, procedures and rules to key out customer calls that need the attention of managers. The fourth method of selecting transactions is through using automation tools, such as screen or speech analytics, to key out customer transactions that are really bad or really good and require the immediate attention of the manager.
Irrespective of the method used to select customer transactions when doing Call Center QA reviews, it is vital that the method captures the transactions equitably and fairly. The method used to capture these transactions should also be communicated to call center agents. This is to ensure that the agents know the types of customer transactions that are selected for further review. Once a customer transaction is captured, the transaction can further be qualified depending on various factors, which include call duration, call direction, call type and product type. The date when the interaction occurred is also another important factor since it is a good practice for companies to spread out their evaluations over a specific time frame, generally on a monthly basis. This will help in ensuring that call center agents are able to receive feedback on time. This in turn gives the agents an opportunity tomake adjustments to how they perform their duties. When doing Call QA evaluations to select transactions, it is highly recommended that a process be set up so that it can be used to capture the most appropriate customer transactions. This will ensure that the whole quality assurance team can review the transactions. click here for more information about Call Center Quality Assurance