Over the years now, there have been several registered cases of guiltless people who went to prison because they didn’t seek the assistance of a skilled lawyer who could have defended their case in such a serious moment in their lives. Many just found out they are in prison for what they have not done. Let us say you have been falsely accused of raping someone? What should you do? Should you just accept your fate? The answer is no! You don’t have to suffer for what you have not done. All you need to do in such a shocking moment of your life is to contact an experienced sexual assault lawyer in toronto that could ensure the justice you deserve.
In criminal law, the accused remain innocent and a suspect until shreds of evidence prove the person guilty. So you are not guilty until clear evidence proofs you guilty. You just have to shut up your mouth. Don’t even talk to the police until you have spoken to your lawyer. Let your lawyer prepare you on how to manage the police interrogation. It is going to be though, they have a way of forcing you to talk, but all you need to do and know is to follow your lawyer instructions. Getting a legal adviser is important because only a legal expert in sexual assault cases can defend the client in court. There are important things you should know about sexual assault. Most of the cases lead to trail and prosecution especially when the police are involved. It is probably on a few instances that the case does not lead to a trial. A real strategy must be put in place by a sexual assault lawyer toronto to win your case. Your lawyer will ask you some questions in which you must be sincere when talking with your lawyer. It is on this note that your lawyer can help you.